Essential Oils Guide for Crocheters

The cat is out of the bag! I've been using and experimenting with oils for 3 years now, that I now realized that I need to share it with you! We have experimented with oils to help with Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Wellness. 

Crocheting is a huge emotional boost for me, I enjoy it so much that I tend to crochet all the time to relax. I'm a little introverted and don't say much, so I do my "release" through crocheting. I know, I know, I can't keep it bottled up, and that is my Resolution! Open Up!! 

Many of us crochet for leisure, and for some it has turned into a business or a full on hobby that it is starting to take a toll on our hands, neck, back and shoulders. That is just the physical aspect, I just finished with my Christmas orders that I barely made by the deadline! So, on top of the physical pain, I was getting very overwhelmed and stressed out to make my deadline. I normally design my own patterns, and some I have had to purchase patterns for yarns I'm not experienced with, this caused a lot of eye strain for me due to my limited vision. 

So, I hope my guide to Essential Oils will help you create a calm, stress-free and painless environment the next time you pick up your hook! 

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Achy/stiff Hands & Wrist
Panaway (2 drop)
Copaiba (2 drop)
*Dilute EO w/ 6 drops V-6 Oil and apply.

Crocheter’s Elbow, Sore Neck & Shoulders
Panaway (1 drop) 
Lavender (2 drops) & Peppermint (1 drop)
*Dilute EO w/ 6 drops V-6 Oil and apply.

Dry Nails and Cuticles
Frankincense (1 drop) and Lavender (2 drops)
*Dilute EO w/ 6 drops V-6 Oil and apply.

Sanitize Hooks
Thieves (1 drop)
*Dilute with 1 oz distilled water. Dip a washcloth in mixture and clean all your hooks.

Stress discomfort
Stress Away (4 drops)
*Diffuse for 30 minutes
*Rub one drop on temples

Frankincense (3 drops) and Lemon (4 drops)
*Diffuse for 30 minutes
1 drop Frankincense, 3 drops Lemon diluted with 6 drops V-6.
*Rub around neck and inhale hands.

Peppermint (4 drops) and Lemon (4 drops)
*Diffuse for 30 minutes.
1 drop of each diluted with 2 drops V-6 Oil.
*Rub around neck and inhale hands.

Peppermint (1 drop)
*Dilute EO w/ 4 drops V-6 Oil and apply on temples.
2 drops under tongue*

*disclosure - these oils and suggestions are ONLY Young Living Oils. If you are substituting with a different brand or purchased from department stores, DO NOT use internally. Read your labels to make sure it does not include chemicals. Not all 100% therapeutic oils are actually 100% pure.